How to Read XML Using PHP DOM

This simple example mentions how the data from the xml file can be read and displayed in a textbox in the html file. It illustrates the concept which simplifies understanding the basics.

The structure of file.xml is:-


This code lies in  file.php:-
¬†$xdoc = new DOMDocument( ‘1.0’, ‘UTF-8’ );
$candidate = $xdoc->getElementsByTagName(‘root’)->item(0);
$newElement = $xdoc ->createElement(‘root’);
$txtNode = $xdoc ->createTextNode ($root);
$newElement -> appendChild($txtNode);
$candidate -> appendChild($newElement);
$msg = $candidate->nodeValue;

This code lies in file.html

It will display the data in $msg variable in the textbox names msgval.


Creating A Xml Document Using XML DOM And PHP

I had many issues to dealing with while solving this problem i i though about sharing this. The code below illustates a simple logis to create a XML file if it is not present and create a root node. And looking at this node you can create chile nodes.

The code is as follows:-

$uvar = “HELLO”;
$doc = new DOMDocument(‘1.0’, ‘UTF-8’);
$ele = $doc->createElement( ‘root’ );
$ele->nodeValue = $uvar;
$doc->appendChild( $ele );
$test = $doc->save(“file.xml”)


This will create a file.xml with the following contents:-