Bing Makes Real Use of that Facebook Data

I had a given a exam on Information System Security few days ago as a part of my Engineering exams. It included topics about indexing, searching, page rank, popularity based ranking, Term Frequency – Inverse Document Frequency which are used to calculate values which determine the relevant page of your search query and display the list of relevant information. Though about sharing this with all of you as i found it interesting courtesy webpronews.
This might be interesting to know for users who use bing for their search on the web compared to that of widely used Google. Now BING introduces a new feature which will show you which of your Facebook friends have liked search results as they will appear in your searches and works towards proving you with more relevant links concerned with your search query. It will make more usage of the Facebook data. If a query shows which is liked by one for your friends it will show up as ‘Liked within Bing’. With this bing will be delivering social site results. The like feature on Facebook is popular feature which spreds the information very fast across your Facebook network like a wild fire. This could provide with you with more relevant information on a personalized level giving Bing and edge over Google.