Working with LESS and SCSS in Visual Studio 2015

I am demonstration a simple example to start working with LESS and SCSS in visual studio 2015.

First Set up web compiler



Click download and install.

Create an empty solution and add a project.



Add css folder and add a main.less file. Right click on the LESS file and compile it for first time.



It creates a compilerconfig.json where we can mention what are input and output file paths.


It automatically generates a css file and minified file with same name.


We can then include it in our html page and start adding css to the LESS file.

We also have the option to recompile the file or remove it from compilation altogether.


For scss files we follow the same steps.

Going further I added another less file and imported it in our main file and it works absolutely fine. It also generates sourcemap file in the converted scss to css file inline.

You can find the source code at the following github repo.


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