Assign master page via page layout to only a single specific page

In a publishing site we have a master page that all the pages inherit. We can edit a page and assign page layouts through the page layouts options on top ribbon. It lists out all the page layouts are available. For a page layout to be available it should be checked in and published.

In current case where we want a single page layout to inherit a different master page other than the custom masterpage that is currently set. Usually setting a master page for a page is done as listed below.

But this alone is not enough, if also need few more things to set in the page layout.

  • Add a page and assign the page layout. Open the site in sharepoint designer, visit pages section where the page is saved and deattach the page layout from the page.
  • Next edit the page and remove the references of custom master page (custom.master) from the page.
  • Set our intended master page
  • MasterPageFile=”/_catalogs/masterpage/Different.master”

  • Remove the publishing feature registry at the top of the page


  • Replace it with webpart pages registry reference


  • Save the page and publish it. Remember to keep the page layout detached, do not reattach it again.
  • Below is an example of the page after all the changes have been done.

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