Five Tips To Tighten Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Restrict your profile from appearing on search engines like Google:
Go to Account | Privacy Settings.
Click on Edit your settings under Applications and Websites.
Click on Edit settings for Public Search.
Uncheck the Enable public search option to refrain from appearing on search engines. If you allow public search, keep in mind that information you’ve opted to share with Everyone will appear in the public search as well.

Manage those you want to share your likes and interests with:
Go to Account | Privacy Settings.
Click on View settings under Basic directory settings.
Choose the appropriate option for See my interests and other Pages. If you set this option to Everyone and have made yourself publicaly searchable, your likes and interests will appear on search engine results as well.
Secure yourself from being tagged in embarrassing videos and photographs:
Go to Accounts | Privacy Settings.
Click on Customise settings under Sharing on Facebook.
Choose Customise under Things others share  | Photos and videos I’m tagged in.
Choose specific people or a friends list. Alternatively choose Only me if you don’t want your any of your friends to be notified when you are tagged in photos or videos posted by other people.
One click solution to secure your applicatons, games and websites privacy settings:
Go to Accounts | Privacy Settings.
Click on Edit your settings under Applications and websites.
Click on Turn off all platform applications under Applications you use. By doing this, you can block all application activities from communicating with and about you. No more annoying application and game requests. Your data will no longer be shared with applications on Facebook Platform even through friends. Instant personalisation will also get blocked.
Alternatively, carefully choose the settings under each sub section of Application and websites to manually manage how much information you want to share through various applications you use.
Avoid being a brand ambassador by appearing on social ads:
Go to Accounts | Account Settings.
Click on Facebook Adverts tab. Read and close the Understanding Social Ads dialogue box.
Choose No one under Allow adverts on platform pages to show my information to option and click Save changes. This will restrict third party applications or advertising networks from publishing your information on adverts.
Choose No one under Show my social actions in Facebook Adverts to and click Save changes to restrict Facebok Adverts from doing the same.

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