Latest Malware Alert

This is to inform a alert regarding a new malware called “Here You Have” worm which delivers unwanted gift. Its shows itself as a global mass mailing worm which masquerades as business message but actually it links to malware.KU5Y2XG5ZMGY
This internet worm dubbed “Here You Have” is streaming into worldwide inboxes, offering a dangerous payload. The worm travels via spam email with the subject line of “Here you have,” or “Just for you,” and masquerades as an email with a link to a video or an attached document file. However, the email actually contains a link to a malicious program that can disable security software and send itself to all the contacts in the recipient’s address book.
It has been labeled as a “medium” risk, and delete any email with the “Here you have,” or “Just for you,” subject line. If you have an up-to-date and properly configured security software product then you are protected against this threat.
If you receive a spam email with the subject line “Here you have,” or “Just for you,” and a link or attachment that looks like it leads to a video or document file. It may appear that the email comes from someone you know. The email invites you to click on the link, and once you do it prompts you to download a file. This file is actually malware that disables the security software on your machine and sends itself to everyone listed as a contact in your address book. Once you are infected, your computer has diminished security protection. Your machine is also being used to spam your friends and contacts. Do not click on the link in any email with the subject header “Here you have,” or “Just for you,” even if it appears to be from someone you know.


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